Looking to the Future: A Message from the Executive Director

I am happy to bring best wishes to everyone in the Keewaytinook Okimakanak family on the occasion of our tenth anniversary. Those of us who have been members of this unique organization since its beginning have witnessed remarkable growth in it over the past decade - in our staff, and in our many partners and friends.

I want to thank everyone who has been part of the great work the KO team has accomplished in the past ten years. I thank each and every one of our chiefs, elders and community members for their support and faith in the organization. I believe we have a staff that is second to none in its commitment, hard work and teamwork. Finally to our partners in municipal, provincial and federal governments and agencies, I would like to recognize the important contribution you have made to our common goal: the betterment of the lives of people living in Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nations.

I think it is appropriate to talk about the KO family on this special occasion in our history. Families are about children and while we are celebrating the past ten years and all they have meant to us, we are also thinking at this time about our future and about the future of our children

We evaluate our work here by its impact on our children and their future. One may see the success of our organization in terms of all the development we have been a part of in our communities - the new structures, the phone systems and the use of new technologies, the new programs and services developed for people. Of course we are all are very proud of each accomplishment.

And it is also true that we are moving forward to plan road access, management of our land and resources and better health access in our communities. But we view everything we have done and will do as another opportunity or choice for the children of our communities who deserve every door we can open for them.

And so as we celebrate ten years of success, we recommit ourselves to our children and to the creation of as many choices for them as we can, so that ten years from now we will again look back with pride on another decade of excellence.

Geordi Kakepetum
Executive Director